Verfasst von: Claus | 8. November 2010

Zentyal – Linux Small Business Server

Zentyal – Linux Small Business Server

Zentyal ist ein Linux Small Business Server, der beispielsweise als Gateway, UTM, Office Server, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Communications Server arbeiten kann. Die Konfiguration erfolgt nach der Installation über einen Browser. Unter der Haube  arbeitet Ubuntu Linux in der Version 10.04.

* Networking
o Firewall and routing
+ Filtering
+ NAT and port redirections
+ VLAN 802.1Q
+ Support for multiple PPPoE and DHCP gateways
+ Multi-gateway rules, load balancing and automatic failover
+ Traffic shaping (with application layer support)
+ Bridged mode
+ Graphical traffic rate monitoring
+ Network intrusion detection system
+ Dynamic DNS client
o Network infrastructure
+ DHCP server
+ NTP server
+ DNS server
# Dynamic updates via DHCP
+ RADIUS server
o VPN support
+ Dynamic routes autoconfiguration
o HTTP proxy
+ Internet cache
+ User authentication
+ Content filtering (with categorized lists)
+ Transparent antivirus
+ Delay pools
o Intrusion Detection System
o Mail Server
+ Virtual domains
+ Quotas
+ SIEVE support
+ External account retrieval
+ POP3 and IMAP with SSL/TLS
+ Spam and antivirus filtering
# Greylisting, blacklisting, whitelisting
+ Transparent POP3 proxy filter
+ Catch-all account

* Webmail
* Web server
o Virtual hosts
* Certification authority

* Workgroup
o Centralized users and groups management
+ Master/slave support
+ Windows Active Directory Synchronization
o Windows PDC
+ Password policies
+ Support for Windows 7 clients
o Network resource sharing
+ File server
# Antivirus
# Recycle bin
+ Print server
o Groupware: calendar, address book, contacts, etc.
o VoIP server
+ Voicemail
+ Conference rooms
+ Calls through an external provider
+ Call transfers
+ Call parking
+ Music on hold
+ Queues
+ Logs

* Jabber/XMMP server
o Conference rooms
* FTP server
* Zentyal User Corner for self users info updating

* Reporting and monitoring
o Dashboard for centralized service information
o Monitor CPU, load, disk space, thermal, memory
o Disk usage and RAID status
o Summarized and full system reports
o Event notification via mail, RSS or Jabber

* Software updates
* Backups (configuration and remote data backup)

FEATURE LIST  (Zentyal Version 2.0 vom 08.11.2010)





  1. Danke sehr an den Autor.

    Gruss Eike

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